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House finding

Finding appropriate housing has a great impact on an assignee’s sense of well-being. Our house finding process follows the assignee from A to Z, and includes:

  • information on housing market
  • planning, scheduling, and accompanying assignee to house viewings
  • assistance with contract negotiations
  • move-in inspection
  • setting up utilities

We are well-known for providing attractive tenants and are thus constantly contacted by house-owners – allowing us to stay a step ahead of the general market.

Tenancy Management

Our tenancy management service provides ongoing support following the move-in to a new property. This includes:

  • advice on tenancy rights and duties
  • contract renegotiation/termination
  • utilities support (TV, internet, electricity)
  • repair and management support
  • a complete departure service

It can also include a payment management scheme, covering payment of lease and other property-related costs.

Settling in

Following the initial formalities, settling down into life in Norway requires a whole lot more. This service is tailored to fit specific needs on a pick’n’choose basis and our most popular items are listed below.

  • setting up a bank account
  • obtaining a valid driver’s license
  • health care support / getting a GP
  • tuberculosis control
  • finding suitable schools/ kindergartens
  • language classes
  • local area knowledge
  • child related welfare
  • sports activities


A tour of the assignee’s new city and surroundings, tailored to meet individual needs. The aim is to give an introduction to life in Norway, and can be conducted during a pre-visit or shortly following arrival.

The tour is planned following pre-arrival communication with the assignee, and could include visits to:

  • residential areas / housing options
  • schools/kindergartens
  • sports/religious/cultural facilities
  • shopping areas
  • weather conditions


Leaving the country is more than picking up a suitcase and flying out, and requires dealing with a number of formalities and practicalities. Our departure service includes:

  • termination of lease agreement
  • de-registration with Norwegian authorities
  • termination of subscriptions
  • arranging cleaning/ moving company
  • handing back property to owner

Shipping service

We use leading global shipping lines to transport your possessions to your destination safely and securely. Regardless of what you need shipped, Expat Relocation will always work to provide the solution that works best for you. Please contact us for detailed information.

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